RESIDENCE PARK-IN – Accommodation in Zlín cz cz


  • Private bathroom (shower, sink, bath cabinet, toilet)
  • Floor space 21 m2
  • Internet connection
  • Small kitchen with fridge and electric cooker
  • Dining table with chairs
  • Kitchen equipment
    • Kettle
    • Basic kitchen utensils - plates, cutlery, cups, glasses, kitchen knife, towel
  • TV connection (no TV set)
  • 2 working tables with chairs
  • 2 beds
  • Built-in cupboard in the entrance hall
  • Linen, towels are included in the price
  • Final cleaning is included in the price



Visit the Zlín ZOO and you won’t be sorry! It is opened 365 days per year and it belongs among the most popular zoological gardens in the country. Featuring extensive natural exhibition with flowing creeks and waterfalls, a Yucatan tropical hall, walk through exhibit and aviary, Chateau Lešna and beautiful park and animals offer an unforgettable experience and day-long fun and games for the whole family.


At present, the Bata-Canal is used just as a tourist waterway. The freight shipping does not work more. People spend their holidays, weekends here or they come to sail and to see other natural sights from the board. They can borrow a vessel in one of eight hire-offices working along the waterway. Very popular are also the regular cruises of large ships, or stays on houseboats.


The museum features vast exhibits of historic and exotic shoes collected by the Bata company in 1930s. The collection follows development of footwear from the 15th century up till today. The museum holds various types of shoes from each continent. The collection was first presented to the public in 1931. The museum is one of the oldest shoe museums in the world. There is also a moving office of the director of the Bata Company as one part of the museum and it is situated in an elevator in the Building No. 21.

VIZOVICE – Original Czech Distilleries Rudolf Jelínek

The company RUDOLF JELÍNEK a.s., founded in 1894 is an historic firm, which is famed in particular for its production of fruit spirits (above all Slivovitz) typical for central Europe and of alcoholic drinks. The excursion track includes the visitors’ centre with the distillery shop, a cinema hall, the fruit growers’ distillery, the homogenization room with its giant wooden cauldrons (the maturing of the spirits), racking room (filling the bottles) and the room where tasting goes on. There are also specialized variants to this theme including viewing the rectification (the refining of the spirits) and the initial distilling including fermentation. The tour also entails tasting the products.


The first glass works built after November 1989 in Bohemia. Atelier is equipped with the most modern melting technology with ecologically clean operation. Creation of hand made, mouth-blown and art glass assortment is based on experiences of designer Jiří Vosmík and on qualities of master glassworkers. Possibility of excurstions. Possibility to see working glassworker; from 7.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.


The largest Moravian spa lies in the southeastern part of the Czech Republic, approximately 20 kilometres from the town of Zlín. Surrounded by the densely wooded slopes of the White Carpathian Mountains, it is situated in the valley of the small and quiet Šťávnice river. As to the first historical reference to its mineral springs, it was made by the physicist and physician Jan Ferdinand Hertod of Todtenfeld who published a written report evaluating the chemical composition of the Luhačovice water as well as the drinking cure and its successful results in 1669.

Jedinečné prostředí Luhačovic bylo a zůstává výzvou pro tvorbu uměleckých a architektonických děl. Skutečným skvostem architektury je soubor staveb architekta Dušana Jurkoviče, který jejich realizací na počátku 20. století vtiskl tomuto lázeňskému městečku neodolatelné kouzlo.


The Flower Garden (once called "the Orchard of Delights") became a part of the reconstruction of the town, which had been destroyed by the Thirty Years' War. The garden was built by Italian architects, Filibert Luches and Giovanni Pietro Tencalla. It was located behind the town fortification walls on infertile soil for the delight of all art-loving visitou. The Flower garden is included in UNESCO.

Svatý Hostýn, Holy Hostýn

Svaty Hostyn is the most frequently visited pilgrimage shrine in Moravia and after Velehrad the most memorable one. For three centuries now thousands of pilgrims have been converging on Hostýn mountain (735 meter above sea level) with its sanctuary of Our Lady (a Basilica minor) to seek and find there a refuge from their troubles and needs.

ROŽNOV POD RADHOŠTĚM, Valašské muzeum v přírodě

Rožnov is a sort of miniature Wallachia, at least as far as it concerns the history of its settlement. It was founded in the period of the first farming colonization in the 13th century. From the 16th century clearings began to be made on the foothills and in the mountains around the town which then formed two separate settlements, Dolní and Horní Paseky, in the valleys near two mountain streams. And finally shepherds´ huts began to appear above Rožnov on Mt. Radhošť, Mt. Černá and Bača´s hill. .

A prestigious address in the center of Zlín - T.G.Masaryk square
In the neighborhood of Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Zlín and Congress Centre